About me

My name is Anette Stemark and I live with my lovely dogs in Spannarp about 10 km south of Ängelholm.

I am proud mom to 3 wonderful children and I have become both grandmother for 3 adorable grandchild.

My first golden retriever I bought the winter of 1985 by Anna-Lena Lundblad kennel Goldstep.

A lovely male named Goldstep Silver Mack also called Victor. I got stuck properly in the breed so the next golden moved in 1986 there. A feed called Goldstep Vanessa "Kajsa". Since then there has always been at least one golden in the house.

I just love these golden creatures that are enjoying my everyday life.

My dogs live near me and warm my feet at night. My idea with my kennel is to feed up wise, nice and cheerful companions. I would like to share these lovely dogs from kennel Goldstep.

I have been doing many dog ​​courses over the years. Golden Club Breeder Training 2005. Got my kennel name the same year.

The name Baneza comes from my highly beloved "Alice" Goldstep La Beneza, who unfortunately left me in the winter of 2015.

My first own brood was born October 2005.